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About the Wedding Collective

Welcome to the only wedding directory that's putting Tasmania on the global wedding map!

Here at the Tasmanian Wedding Collective, we're all about that "Oversea Wedding" vibe—you don't need to cross multiple oceans to find an idyllic wedding destination; just hop over one sea to discover Tasmania's untouched beauty and unparalleled wedding venues and vendors.

Our founder, Josh Withers, has meticulously curated this list to bring you the crème de la crème of Tasmania's wedding industry. We're not talking about vendors who can pay the most to get a listing; we're talking about the artisans, the visionaries, and the downright exceptional folks who Josh would gladly work with at a wedding this weekend. Every listing here is a direct endorsement from Josh himself, emphasizing not just skill and experience, but also personality, a commitment to sustainable business, and an outstanding customer journey from start to finish.

We cover all the regions that make Tasmania a unique wedding destination. Whether you're enchanted by the historic allure of Hobart, captivated by the coastal beauty of Freycinet, or drawn to the rugged landscapes of Cradle Mountain, we've got you covered. Each area offers not just a backdrop for your wedding, but a vibrant setting that adds its own personality to your celebration.

Forget about the industry awards and the ad budgets; those are not our benchmarks. Our focus is on a curated list of professionals who meet our stringent quality and integrity criteria. These are the people and businesses that not only excel at what they do but also resonate with our core values—making them not just vendors but potential guests you'd love to have at your own wedding.

So, if you're a Tasmanian wedding vendor or venue that aligns with our ethos and high standards, don't be a stranger—get in touch with Josh Withers. We're keen to connect with professionals who share our passion for making Tasmania the go-to destination for extraordinary weddings, for both local and international couples.